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The sun is going through my body
and a blinding light surrounds the soul.
Some moments are like that.
I feel like a small cloud made of wet droplets
that tries to reach its destination.
Some moments are like that
where you feel like a drop of water crossing the sea
in order to see the wonders it has concealed
Some moments are like that.
And you feel like a small tongue of flame in the fireplace
and the warm fire seems to protect you in its crackling belly
Some moments are like that.
You turn around and snow-white feathery wings have appeared on your back,
you open them, so confident, almost a challenge to reach the heavens
with the halo illuminating your path
Some moments are like that.
Those that are the slowest to reach you
but once wrapped around you give you the best feeling.
Some moments are like that.

Poem written by Giorgia CAZZANIGA (PONTAROLO) (age 13)
on 1st June 2006 for a school contest (Describes the adolescence?)



Between my eyes
Red tongues of flame blind me
My mind wanders alone
In that sombre forest
Wrapped only in shadows and darkness.
One of them comes closer and wraps around me
On one side it seems like a sweet refuge from that cruel world
But on the other a terrible sorrow
starts pouring inside me streaming unhindered everywhere.
It is a horrible feeling
I cannot hold it
Large black drops, like the surrounding darkness
Fight their way to pale cheeks
A small shadow reaches me flickering
It looks like a small candlelight
Like the beginning of a small hope
Created to save the men
From the fears of life
Just as it seems it shall be no more
She who wraps around me slowly retreats
Going back to where she came from
Leaving my body
The eyes can see the light again
To help me overcome that moment of solitude.
A large tear hits the floor
Becoming a little splash
The sign of that moment
A moment little
As a drop in the ocean
That makes your suffering terrible

Poem written by Giorgia CAZZANIGA (PONTAROLO) (age 13)
on 1st June 2006

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